I'll explain the difference between Tsugaru Shamisen and Gidayu Shamisen


Tsugaru Shamisen Player knows we use the same Futozao,or a thick neck type as Gidayu.

But we rarely know the difference.

本日は義太夫コント ギダント の富寿ひろさんにお手伝い頂きました。

Today we will have Fujihiro,a Gidayu Comedian.

まずは上駒、 津軽三味線では金属の駒ですが、 義太夫では竹です。

First Kamigoma, or a nut, we use a metal one in Tsugaru , but use a bamboo one in Gidayu.

Next the difference of Koma, or a Bridge.

How to skin shamisen, The edge of skin is a litte bit wavy, not straigt in Tsugaru,
There are notches , on the edge of skin of the Gidayu

撥が津軽三味線ではべっ甲を使いますが、義太夫では 象牙を使います。
About the Bachi, or the pick. We use Bekko with the Tsugaru Shamisen and thick Zouge with the Gidayu.


We can press the string in a high position with the Tsugaru, but the high position is curved with the Gidayu

And then I will play both shamisens, so try to listen to the sound differences.