Before your shifts start this evening, I wanted to update you on our restaurants menu.At our pizza tasting events last week, we introduce four new pizza toppings and ask attendees to vote for the one they like the best. Take a look at a results I'm passing around now.As you can see, Figs received the most votes,However, as you know the prices of Figs has gone up.So we've decided to add the second most popular topping instead.

The new menus will be ready next week and for the time being we'll just writed on the specials board.
Please remember to let diners know that it7s

I have one final issue to discuss at today's staff meeting. I just handed out the graph summarring a shoe store's annual sales data and well, I think this information is particulaly interesting. Since we located to
a different neighborhood this year.
As you might have expected ,the relocation decreased our sales significantly at first .during the quater we moved, we experienced the low shoe sales of the entire year.That was largely because people in the new neighborhood didin't know about us However, thanks to the newspaper advertisement and radio commercials we put out business picked up quickly
and we ended the year by making a record number of sales