Skin Prouct Shows Promise

12 October Ricoteur Pharmaceticals , a multinational corpoation with office
in Canada, France, and South Korea, said today that its experimental cream for excesseively dry skin, Dermava, has proved higlly effective in a recent research study Ricoeur highlighted the encourating results indicating the cream's long -lasting effectiveness. The bodes well よい前兆 for Ricoeur, as the cream , if released, could compensate for the limited grouwth that Ricoeur has experienced over the past five years.

Dr. Laura scheffner , an expert consultant, noted , I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate benefits of the cream. Participants felt relierf after a single application. Dr. Heung Soo Choi, a senior resercher for Ricouer added that the safety of the mediccation was also confirmed during the study.
A spokesperson for Ricouer annouced that , while initial results are promising a follow up study with very young and elderly particiapnts must be pursued. Onlly then can the cream be approved by the International Medication Assocition and become available on the market.Teh ImA is expected to beging its review at the end of the year.

Positions Available at Ricouer pharaceuticals, Ottawa, Canad.

Ricoeur Pharmaceuticals has immediate openings for nearly 10 administrative customer service, and warehouse jobs supporting the launch of Dermava, a new medical treatment for dry skin.Positions do not require previous experience, are part time, and end in December . thought exeptional wokrers may be offererd extended assginmentsm, Those applying for the customer service positions should be fully bilingal in French and English. Those applying for warehouse positions must be able to work nights and weekends. Candiates can submit their applications at this time by visiting . Interested parties can also attend group interviews on 11 March at 9:00 o at our production facility. Be sure to bring your resume and reference list.

I wanted to thank you for providing a reference for me. I was one of about 20 applicatnts who was hired today at Ricoueru Pharmaceuticals. My first ay will be this coming Monday, and I'll be working direcly after your everning class. I may have to leave class a few minutes eawrly to catch the 7;15 ppm bus into town.

I hope that won't be a problem.