I'd like to thank the members of the media for attending today's press conference.I'm Carlos Abrantes, founder and CEO of the Brantes.Incorporated.It's amazing to think I started our enviromental cosulting firm with a few friends just five years ago.Now we have over 300 people on staff. And they' are the best in the business.It's because of them that our work on some of the largest waste order project in the world has been so successful .In recognition of this, I'm annoucing that employees will now be able to purchase shares of stock in the company I'm very excited to offer this investment opportunity to our staff..

Online Classes

Dear Ms. Bhagwati
Thank you fo your inerest in teaching in our online business program Aftr reviwing your application materials , we would like to offer you an instructor's position for the upcoming semester. Your educational qualifications,teaching history, and many years of professional experience as a bookkeep簿記がかり
at a local business make you an ideal candiate for our program.

Our coordinater of online instruciton, Kamek Pawer, has experience wit teaching our online classes He will be contacing your shortly with details about the class materials.Please note that these will need to be submitted by the first week in May so that they can be finalized by the end of Jne in time for begenning of classes

Tirupati University's online business classes are developed and taught by highly qualified instructors. All video and lectures, support materials and quizzes are reviewed and vetted 審査される by Tirupati University facutlty before their use to ensure they meet the univeristy's rigorous standards

Applied Accouitng 応用会計

Learn the basci accouting principles used in finacial statements and financail records (balance sheets, accounts payable and receivalbel payrolll of small to midsize business.

Global Finance
This class covers investmentst and finacial deisions in a global setting 国際環境 learn concepts and tools to allow you to bring basic princiiples of finance to bear 生かす abou resourses

Advanceed Management

Master Techniques for overseeing and organizing a workforce in any context, whetehr corporate of small businesss, non-profit- or public service

The Science of Decision making
Learn hou our cultural and psycological-emotional background shapes our choice.Through case studies on prsuation and incenties, you will learn to make more creative yet resposible decisions.

Las onth Tirupati Universit becam the lateste institution in the region to offer online business classes. Students can choose from a range of full-credit class provided entirely overt the Internte

Vice Cancellor DR. R.d Mehta noted ,Wer're excited abut this new direction and so are our students. They like the convenience and flexblity

Like Tirupati(s traditional coursese, all online classes are taught by highly qualified instructors. who are required to have an MBA or and advanced degree ina related field. CAccoriding to Dr. Mehta, the university plans to expand its online class offerings in the spirng.