Finally I wanted to discuss some vacation requrests.A number of drivers have ask me for time off later this month.But you know. it's the holiday season. Shipping volumes for the next weeks have increased by 40%.And in fact,we're going to be so busy that we just hired some temporary help.So to those who submit the requests if you want to take a vacation after the holidays I'm going to return your reqeuests forms to you so you can resubmit them with new dates.

Hello, Marina,

Lilia Holub and I need to return to Pakse to make the final arrangements for the opening of our new office there.Could you make our travel arangemetns for 10-14 Februry please. We would like to arrive before noon on 10 February because we have a meeting at 4:00 P.M that day with our colleague Mr. SAyavong. If you book us a direct flight that morning we can be there in about 4 hours.

Plase see the attached brochure from a hotel that Joe Kotler recommended . He enjoyed staying there during his last ttrip, so I hope it will meet our needs. Lilia and I will share a room and would prefer one with a small kitchen if possible

Hotel Ly Som is located just outside of the city center on the banks of the Mekong River and is withing walking distance to numerous restaurants, shops, and attracitons.The 30-year-old hotel was recently renovated and combines traditional appearance with modern convenience. All rooms come with sattelite television, wireless Interenet servie, and air-conitioningg. The rooftop restaurants offfers stunning viewes of the surrounding area and is a popular spot for wachitn the sunset

Free shuttle bus to and rom teh Paske airport is available

Lily An economical potion for travelers, Located on the second floor and overlooking the main street these basic but confortable rooms contain twin beds and a shared bathroom
Slithgtly larger these rooms come with double bed and private bathroom they too are located on the second floor ut overlook the river

locatd onthe third floor , these rooms come with queen size bed, private bath room, and a balcony that overlooks either the river or main street.

On the fourth floor, theser are the largest rooms and come with two queen -sizebeds , private bathroom small kithcen, and a balcony that overlooks the river