Hi Magaret I haven't seen you since we move the music school into this builidng last month.How's it going?I've been busy hiring more music teachers Now that we can offer more classes with the larger space By the way,we're interviewing some violin instructors today.Since you're the most experienced violin teacher,I've really like you to be there.Well I've scheduled a make up class for students who missed his lesson yesterday,so I'm not available this morning.But if you have any afternoon interview scheduled I can definitely be there.That's great.Here's the copy of the interview schedule.We'll be meeting in the Auditorium.

Wind Daynamic,s, the leading producer of wind turbine and wind energy technology across Europe, has announced plans in Mechelen,めへれん  Belgium. TheDutch company is spending 15 million euros to purchase , renovate, and equip the abandoned Cantek Telephone factory. The venture is expeted to create about two hundred new production jobs and ifty new office jobs ove the next two years
This is ThiThis This is a good newe for Mechelen an Industiral area that has benn hit hard by factory closures. and job loss in recent years
Battel Builders has already been contracted to undertake the plant'Ts transformations. It also anticipates hiring additonal workers to complet the constrction project.
The plant will be primaily be used for the assembly and testing gear drives to be incorporated 組み込まれる in the company's wnd turbines

Wind Dynamicis in corporation with the Mechelem bBusiness Association will provide development grants 開発助成金 to traing its incoming workforce in green technology Jane Arens, MBDpresident , says Mechelen is proud to be part of something that contributes to energy conservation an to the economic growtht of our region