I'm really impressed by how many talented young scientists we've managed to recruit lately.
But I'm worried that our search group lacks the kind of experience we need to these next projects .
I've been thinking about that too.
We found some of the brightest up-and-coming有望な chemist in the field.But they need quality hands-on実務経験のある leadership
We should really out* add a second manager to that department
someone to focus on training in professional developement
Now, that's an idea
The more support we can offer the new staff the more productive they'll be .Why don't we go over all the details so we can propose this to the vice president.

Dear Collegues,
I'm pleased to annnonce that Reyatone Fitiness Centers has joine our Corporate Discount Program , Beginnnig on April 1 all staff members who purchase an annual RFC membership will recieve 15 % off the regular price.To recieve the discount,
you will need to provide your employee identification number,job title, and work location.

Membership forms can be downloaded from the Corporate Partnership page of our compnay's Web site and must be dropped in person 自分で届ける at an RFC location The closest RFC facility is located on Stiles Street ,just two kilometers form our corporate headquaters a second lc
I hope you will take advantage for this opportunity