The qualified candidate must have an advanced degree上級学位、大学院でとれる学位 in project management and be able to oversee a diverse staff
At leaset five years in a related manegerial postion is requird.

The duties are variedさまざまです
these imculde implementing reserch designs.preparing budgets and contracts and recruting employees.Please send a letter of interest and a resume to James Fanklin

We will begn interviewing canditdates on Mach 1
The position wil begin on

The building permit application you requested is enclosed.
Prior to beginning construction on a larger patio テラス in the rear of your restaurant, You must make sure that the permit has been approved and is on file in our office.When you submit your application
Please include a building plan that has been reiveiwed 審査され and certified by a licensed engineer.You should anticipate an approval process taking approximately 8 weeks.

Also, please remember that before public use, the completed structure wll need to be inspected