Coorporate Credit Card.In order to issue a card to you, I require proof of one of the following.
Anticipated business-related expenses of $300 or more
Three or more scheduled international business trips for this year.
Signed documentation from a manager that you are required to entertain 接待する corporate clients.
As you await your card , please be sure to review our expence and travel policies on pages 56-72 of the employee hanbook.Here are highlights of those policies.

All transportation airline ,train, and hotel arrangements must be made through the corporate travel division.

car rentals must be appoved by manager before requesting a rental through the corporate travel divison:

Meals are coverd by the company as long as they do not exceed daily allowances 手当て

You have successfully registered for the IET Conference in Sao Paulo,Brazil, and your payment of 400$ has been processed.

IET recommends that you make travel 移動 and lodging arrangements as soon as possible to ensure availabitly.
We have secured 保証する discoutend rates for conference participants at Hotel Cortina.which is the conference site, and HOtel Motes,.

roomsat Hotel Cortina are reserved for IET members only. howerver, We will be providing complimentary breakfast from 7 to 9 A.m
as well as coffee and tea from 2 nd 3 . daily. both in the hotel lobby
Participants are responsible for all other meals.

Depart from Ne York

Arrie Sa Paulo Transportation to Hotel Cortina via Tazi MInto
Late checki in confirimed by hotel manager
conference sesssions

Transportation to ariport via hotel shuttle