The Mini Sofa comibines old-fashioned comfort with a comtemporary feel . Several customizable features enable customers to create just the look they want.
Dimensions Width Height depth
Upholstry 座面の張り地 Meadow 牧草 Soft 淡いpeach Modern Multistripe

Maple or Chromeクロムメッキ rectangular or round

Optional 45cm square match upholstry color

Sales team members

I have learned that〜であることがわかる
the information sheet on the new Brossel Mini Sofa has been updated by the manufacturer , and I'm writing to provide you with the revised details. The dimensions should be as follows width depth height
There are also some uphostry options not listed in teh earlier version of the information Cornflower Blue 紫がかった青
Brown Leaf Print. The throw pillows 装飾用クッション

are available in an additional 60cm size Finally, the price of the sofa has changed to $499

I will supply you with a corrected version of the sheet soon but wanted you to e aware of the chages now.since the new item will be available within the next few days,for our annual special sale.