Wildwood National Park Trails
Ridgeway Loop 8.2 Kilometers
Enjoy views of the Meramec River from the top of
Villa Ridge.This moderate trail involves a steady incline to the top of the ridge followed by a clear trail that loops back and descends to the south parking lot

Eureka slope
treck up the side of Eureka Bridge
This difficult trails features rocky terrain 地勢 and intermittend断続的な steep inclines with views of Pacific Palisades Valley.
The trailhead登山口 can be found 100 meters north of ranger station

This trail streaches along the bank of the Meramec River The flat trail begeins at the south parking lot and ends at Pacific Palisades Park

Hollow Falls Trail
Beginning behind the main pavilion 休憩所 the easy trail streaches throug the Wildwood Forest and ends at Hollow Falls.Picnic and barbecue areas can be found along the way.

This month's nature walk take place this Saturday During last month's trip to Rockwood Canyon a number of people expressly特に mentioned interest in seeing the Meramic River so we'll be meeting at Wild National Park this time .Please arrive at South parking lot by ,, I have attached a park map for your reference.

Be sure to pack a lunch and plenty of water We will be hiking for 5-6 hours the trail is a little steep in placesところどころ

Due to flooding caused by recent rain storm,s The River's Edge trail is closed until further notice Please avoid this trail and any areas near the bank of the Meramec River until the floodwater recede. Floodwaters alos damaged the south parking lot, which is now closed for repair
Please park in the West Parking lot follow the ranger path to reach the trails normally accessed from the south parking lot