This Saturday,local guitar maker 制作者Adriana Villalobos fufills a lifeling dream of opening her own guitar shop.
Located at Barton Road, The Acousti Galleria has been a work in proggress for many years長年に渡って取り組んできたことの成果である

Just days after her 18th birthay, a young Ms.Billalobos won a blue ribbon最高賞 in the woodwork cateory at the Norton County Fair in Los Cielos. Texas The table she desinged featured detailed inlay work that impressed both the judges and a renowned Los Cielos guitar designer,Javier, Torrez,who offered her an apprenticeship in his studio, Maxio Nivel Music. This early apprenticeship allowed Ms.Villalobos to combine her woodworking skills with another passion - musci

I grew up playing the I was excited to learn how to make my own instruments, It was during the apprenticeship that she was able to develop special inlay techniques which involves inserting finely but pieces of wood into guitar fretboards and bodies to create beatiful decorative designs on guitars
Since the apprenticeship, MsBillalobs has spent five years honing 磨く her craft and selling her guitars to boutique music shops
Now that Acoustic Galleria is opening, the guitars will be sold only at the Barton Road location and at,
The store will also house her workshop and classroom for music lessons.Patrons 顧客at Saturday's grand opening will be treatedもてなされるto demonstrations of inlay work and guitar-shaping techniques

Thank you for sending me the ling to,,, about the opening of your shop
I'm deligted that you have achieved this big goal . From the time I first met you at our studio,so many years ago, I knew you had a special talent for making instruments. I've seen some of the instruments that you a have crafted in recent years from online pictures, and they are of the highest quality. You've come such a long way.Javier and I are proud that your started out 一歩を踏み出す with us

We may be traveling to Austin in September If so, we will make a point of 必ず visiting you there at your new shop