Hi I'm calling because I think I left my jacket in the overhead compartment 頭上の手荷物入れ on the plane.It's bule with white stripes.I arrived earlier today on flight 98 from London.Ok, I'll just need your seat number so we can check the row you're sitting in.

That should be enough information to locate the jacekt.
Umm I was sitting in 36F in the last row of the plane.
All right. We'll call you when we find it.
And just so you knowお伝えしておきますが 

,you'll have to come to the airline counter
in the baggage claim area to retrieve it.

President, Florida Associaion of Dental Care Professionals
Dear Dr. Aghazarian

I want to let you know that we are holding our annual carrer fair就職フェア
on Saturday, March 2. This is always our biggest event of the year.
Last March we had more than 200 attendees.

We expect even more participatns this year.

Attending the fair is the terrific way of your members to network with others in the industy and learn about opportunities at our twelve clinisc troughout the state. The event is open to the public, but professionals affiliated with your association recieve free admission.

I have a enclosed list of events that will take place at this year's fair.