Why isn't vegetale soup on your lunch menu today.
It suits you well.
The same amount of water.
We're offering French onion soup.

Hi, I just checked into the hotel.
and I'd like to visit the Newman Tower.
Is it within walking distance?
Let me give you a map.

You can see the hotel is here.and the tower is all the way over there.
I'd say it's at least 3 miles.Well in that case I guess I could take public transportation. How much is the bus cost?
It's about two eurose each way.But if you're going to visit other popular tourist places as well,You could get a one-day pass instead .They're just 6 euros.

What does the man want to do?
Take a city tour.
Check into a room
buy an admission tickes
walk to a tourist atttraction

What does the woman show the man?
A coupon
A brochure
A map
An invoice.

What does the woman recommend?
Eating at a popular cafe.
Buying a bus pass
Following a walking trail 遊歩道をたどる
Consulting train schedule 時刻表を調べる

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