Customers expressed dissatisfaction with the cost of the phone, but complalints about the user interface were relatively rare.

Tickets to the museum's special exihibit may be ordered in advance on the Web site or purhcased on arrival

Two water-quality studies, which were released last week, reflect the hard work of the Water Resourse Conscil to keep local water clean.

Despite the efforts of cycling enthusiasits,
the proposal to resurface bicycle paths in County Kildare was defeated yesterday

Crum Carpeting's profits have risen steadily since the company introduced a new enviromentally friendly carpet line.

Glideline Technologies specializes in archiving and retrieving lost data

Isn't the museum closed now?
9 dollars.
Not too far.
Well it is after nine

I can't reach the boxes on this top shelf.
Shall I get the ladder?
More packaging materials.
It's stopped a while ago.

When will the saftey inspector check the emergency exits?
Over there on your right.
He'll be here on Tuesday.
He can't open the safe.

Will the flyers be ready today or do you need more time to finish them?
I'll start work on them now.
I don't know who's going.
Her flight's late.

Didn't you submit an article to the business journal last month?
Why ? Has it been published?
Can I renew it?
It's always been that way.