They're working on computers
They're hanging up posters
They're putting on coats.
They're gathered at a counter.

A woman is lifting a boot off a shelf.
A man is piling boxes on the floor.
A customer is paying at a cash register.
A sales person is holding a stack of boxes.

A man's getting into a car.
A man's leaving a building.
Leaves are covering a car's rear window.
Some cars are stack in traffic.

A patient's sleeve has been pushed up.
A nurse is cheking a man's eyesight
A patient's watch has been removed.
A nurse is adjusting a pillow.

Folders are being delivered to an office.
A folder is being selected from a drawer.
A woman is locking a file cabinet.
A woman is reaching for a clock.

Duray Airlines offers delicious food and bevrage options.

The Oakshore region attracts large numbers of young professionals.

The sales report is due tomorrow,so please finish it quickly.

Referring to the illlustration in the user's manual will help you to identify the parts of the workbench作業台

No more than 〜を越えないfour passengers are permitted in any taxi operated by the Halligan Company.

Sales of Moro Camera dropped by 3 % during the last quater
The newest brach of the library is located on Pine Street , directly across from the post office.

The property manger must ensure that renters understand their rental agreement.

Althoug Mr.Bai was not available to lead the board meeting, she was able to find a replacement.

Once staff has had training in the new accouting software, they will be prepared independently.単独で