Dr.Ralph Jones
Director School of Library Science
Talson City Univesity
September 12
Dear Dr. Jones
We have five jobs available at Talson City Library that may be interested to your students.Below are the minimus qualifications for these positios.Unless otherwise indicated 特に指定がなければ
the jobs are open to students in their final year.Full job descrptions are available on our Web site. I'd like to encourage current students and recent graduates of your program to apply.

JOhn Foster
Head Librarian
Circulation Clerk and Senior 責任者 sCirculation 貸し出し Clerk
Must demonstrate excellent organizational skills業務処理能力 applicants with two years of experience in circulation qulify for a senior position.

Periodicals 定期刊行物 Specialist Must have at least one year of experience in a supervisory role.

Reference assitant資料検索助手 Must have previous work experience in a librarty setting. 環境 online research skills are required

Children's Librarian Must have completed a library science図書館学
degree and have at least three years of experience working with chilren in a public library,

To apply for these positions, fax a cover letter ,reusme ,and two letters of recommendation

with two years of experience in a library setting. online research skills are required.

Children's Librarian: Must have completed a library science degree
and have at least three years of experience working with childrn in a public library.

TJohn Foster
Head Librarian Talson, City Library

Dear Mr. Foster
I am writing in reference to 〜に関して Frank Fox who is applying for a position at the Talson City Library . Frank is a stuent in the library science program here at TAlson City University
and will be graduating this spring.He has been my employee for the last two years at the information desk in the university library. Frank is hghly resourseful ,excellent with patrons,来館者、 and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Frank also has a strong commitment to educating the youth of Talson City. He has been a volunteer at an after-school center for children for the last three years, teaching computer skills and internet serch techniques

I believe Frank would be an excellent addtion to your library staff

Why does Mr.Foster write to Dr.Jones?
To encourage him to apply for a job
To request a letter of recommendation
To ask him to distribute job information
To request information about a Web site.

What is a requirement for the senior circulation clerk positon

A degree in library science
Three years of relevant work experience

Experience managing others
The Ability to organize

For what position is Mr. Fox most qualified

What is indicated abou Ms. Miller
She has know Mr. Fox for four years
She runs a volunteer program in which Mr. Fox particiaptes
She used to supervise Mr. Fox at the Talson city library
She works with Mr.Fox at Talson City University