To whom it may concern
I recently placed an online order with Kitchen Australia for an Outfit-Your-Kitchen set(Order number 158967) When it arrived,I discovered that the 22-centimeter baking dishオーブン皿 that is supposed to be included in the set was missing.Moreover, the medium frying pan was dentendへこみがあった

In the past, I have ordererd both an ice-cream maker and a cutting board from kitchen Australia.I received both of those shipments in perfect condition.Consequently,I am surprised to find problems with this order. I hope this matter can be resoloved quickly.

Lawrence Bowers.

Dear Mr.Bowers
I sincerely apologize for the mistakes with your order,and want to let you know that the piece that was not included in your order will be sent immediately. As for the damaged piece,please send it back and we will replace it once we have received it from you.

Attatched to this e-mail, please find a label that you can print out and use for the return of the damaged item. The label gives you free shipping for the item.

Again, we aplogize for the mistakes.For your trouble, we would like to give you a 10 percent discount on your next purchase. please use coupon code to receive the discount

Also, we will send all new orders you place by October 31 by express post for no extra charge.

What is the purpose of the first e-mail
To report problems with an order
To request a shpping lable
To chane a delivery ate
To Asks for product information

What does Mr. Bowers indicate about his history with Kitchen Australia
He has never ordered from the company before.

He has never used the company's online ordring service before.
He has never received damaged godds from the company before
HE has never had a delayed delivery from the company berfore.

What is the purpose of the second e-maik?

To ask Mr.Bowers for more information
To help solve problems with Mr. Bower's order
To remind MR.Bowers that he need to send payment
To recommend a product that Mr.Bowers might like

According to Ms. Hosaki,what will be sent immdiately?

What doese Ms. Hosaki NOT offer to provide
Express shipping during the month of October
A replacemnt ice-cream maker
A discount on a future purchase
A label for complimentary shipping...