Tainika Jame's schedule, Week of April 5
Monday April 5
Phhoto shoot at Drama Talk Magazine
3:30 P.M. Interview with Boris Hahn at Carter City Magazine

Rehearsal at Pennview Theater
Radio Interview at 108.5 FM with host Michelle Lambert
Costume fitting at Pennview Theater
Rehearsal at Ppennview Theater
Full day dress rehearsal at Pennviwe Theater
Fitness center for personal training session with Akira Tsubo

Final rehearsal
Costume and make-up
Final preparation
Opening performance

Interview with Andrea Cruz at
Inteviwe with Daniel Cho at the Carter Daily News
Performane at Pnnview Theater

Spot light on Tanika James
By Maryann Marks

Renowned performer Tanika James made her theater debut last night,
starring in the ht show Flying High.The story of a young flight attendant who travels the world looking for a new city to call home. Flying High is base on the critically acclaimed novel written by Jee-Soo Chin.

Flying HIgh opened last year on November 15, starrring theater legend
Dolores LUna, The show has received excellent reviews over its six-month run, and there has been some dabate over whether replacing Ms. Luna. would afffect the show's popularity.Ms. LUna left the show last month to prepare to take the lead role in the upcoming production of Forget.
Ms. James is best known for her role on the popular television show , The Becker Family and for her role in the film Lighthouse fo which she received the Winston Actors Award last year for Best Leading Actress

In a recent interviwe with a reporter form Carter City Magazine, ms. james spoke in detail about her adjustment to the theater world, so far this has been a great learning experience for me.said Ms. James . It's certailnly very different from what I'm used to ,and it took some time to get adjusted to performing in front of a live audience instead of a camera, it's something I would certainly like to pursue further
Last night, the Flying High audience was packe with a crowd of celebrities including many of Ms. James television and film costers 共演者