This is the five o'clock express train to western airport.
We're now departing Willow Junction.The next stop will be
Spring Field.This train will not make any local stops.Due to construction it will also bypass Riverside.I repeat,This train will not be making local stops and does not stop at Riverside.This train is expected to be full so please put your luggage on the overhead racks,and not on the seats.Please have your tickets out and ready for inspection.Once again the next stop is Springfiled.

What changes does the speaker mention?
The luggage compartment has been enlarged.
The dining car has been added
Passengers should sit only in assigned seats
A usual stop will be bypassed.

What is the next stop the train will make?

What does the speaker say about tickets?
They should be available for inspection
They have gone up in price
They cannnot be purchased on board.
they cannoto be used for on-way trips