Rice Crop Expected to Reach Near-Record Levels
The National Department of Agriculture has reported that the nation's farms are on pace このままで行くと to produce their second-largest annual rice crop and fourth-largest annual soybean crop ever. As a result, grain prices are ecpected to drop across the nation over the next several months.accordingg to the government's economici advisory office.

The forecast is base on acutual field visits and farmer surveys conducted by the department.Because of he higher-than-average rainfall during the early summer planting season, previous estimates had been mauch lower than normal.But cooler, ideal weather since then has helped many of the nation's farmers recover form June's heavy rains.The department forecasts that farmers will harvest 4.3 billion bushels ofrice, up more than 670 million bushels from the last month's estimate of 3.6 billlion.The new estimate is only 3 percent lower than last year's rcord crop of 4.5 billion bushels35リットル
The recovery is expected to lead to lower prices for rice and soybeans, two of the nation's most important agricultural exports.
That may provide some relief to meat producesrs who use rice and soybeans for feed, as well as for regular citizens who had expected to pay higher prices for rice and rice products at the supermarket.The department has lowered its estimate for soybeans slightly, to 2.97 billion bushels from 3 billion last month.

The new estimate is welcome news for many other businesses as well.High rice prices had cut deeply into profits for restaurants chains , for instance, since they spend a significant portion割合 of their bugest on rice and rice products.

What is expected for rice production this year?
It will be of better quality than last year's crop
It will dorp by 3% because of flooding
It will be higer than earlier forecast
It wil break records for the fourth year in a row