Ms.Farino,This is Diane from the Pendale Medical Center,I'm calling to let you know that your appointment with Dr.Morris this afternoon will have to be rescheduled.Dr.Morris was at a conference in Dallas, and his flight was delayed.He won't be back until this evening.Could you please give me a call here at 555 0192 so we can reschedule your appointment I'm very sorry for the late notice Ms.Farino,and we promise to give the earliest available appoitment

Where does the caller probably work?
At a travel agency
At an airport
At a doctor's office
At a hotel

What is the cause of the problem?
A tour was cancelled
A room is not available
A conferene date has changed
A flight was delayed

What is Mr.Farino asked to do?
Make a new appointment
Confirm a conference schedule
Provide contact information
use a different method of transportation.