Good morning , Derek, This is Eun-Hee park,calling from the Monroe Street store .We'd like you to ship us more sofas from the warehouse .We're having a sale right now.So our stock is getting low.Of course. Do you have the model numbers of the items you want? The new computer systems goes by identification numbers rather than product names.So I'll need those to write up your order. Sure.I have the numbers right here.By the way, how do you like the new computer system?We've started using it for inventory management of the store.And we're very pleased with it.It's definitely more efficient.It takes about half as much time as it used to process orders and send out the shipmens. In fact, you should be getting those sofas by the end of the week.

Why is the woman calling?
To place an order
To request technical assistance.
To inquire about shipping rates
To discuss sales results.

What information does the man request?
sales figures.
Model numbers
A store address
product names.

What does the man like about the new computer system?
It can be updated easily
It has a large storage capacity
It does not take long to install
It processes orders quickly