Nature Center Opens at Stony Cove
Cedarport On Saturday afternoon the Cearport Parks Comission 委員会 officially opened its newest facility to the public

Stony Cove Nature Center, which was first proposed two years ago and has been under construction for the past eleven months, was supposed to open in August. However, the quick construction schedule, coupled with funds from private donors,enabled the comssion to unveil it several months earlier than they had planned.

The Cedarport city council has been extremely helpful sicne the first day the center wa proposed," said Madeline Littleson, head of the Parks Commission, But we wouldn't have been able to open our doors as soon as we did without the generosity of local residents and businessed who donated money toward the center.

The new 1750-square-meter facility includes a number of permanent neture exhibits、常設展 space for a rotating exhibits 企画展 and several lecture rooms.Starting next Monday, the lecture wooms will be used both as a setting 会場 for public nature programs and as classrooms for selected environmental science classed from the UNiverisity of Cedarport, which is located nearby.

The exhibits will focus on the natural divversity of Stony Cove, including sectons about the plans that row in the cove's seaside environment and the sea animals that livve in and around the cove.

Over the next few weeks,the Stony Cove Nature Center will be hosting a variety of events, including several educationla programs for schoolchildren and a nature walk for members of a local club called Environmental Friends.The full schedule can be found on Stony Cove Nature Center's Web Site.