Hi,Sam, I understand you're in charge of nominations for empoyee's awards this year.What do I need to do to nominate someone.Well , you just need to complete the form with the name that you want to choose in explain why these person should be recognized.The award dinner's not until next month.But the deadline for nominations is the end of this week.Then I'd better hurry.I'm going to recommend our accouting assistant Ayesha Patel.She found a serious mistake in our sales figures that the rest of us missed and it would have been very embrassing for the company if we published the wrong numbers.

What is the speakers discussing?
Completing a report
Recognizing an employee
Reviewing job applicants.
Planning an event.

What should the woman do this week.
Make a dinner reservation
Change a product due ate.
subimit a form
schdule a meeting

She discovered an accouting error
She published an article
She received a promotion
She organized an award ceremony