Attention Museum Members

The Haines Museum is hosting a traveling exhibition of works by renowned nineteenth-century artist Gerard Delaceaux. Delaceaux is known for his landscape paintings as well as his detailed miniature portraits .A native of France, he traveled throughout Europe and parts of Africa and Asia looking for inspiration for his works .Museums and private collectors from around the world have joined together to present the most complete display of Delaceaux's works to date. Tickets for the exhibition are 25 euros and may be reserved by callingthe Office of Museum Programs at Tickets can be picked up at the south entrance admission counter, next to the museum cafe.Please note :exhibition hours will not be the same as museum hours . The exhibition will open each day at 10 am one hour after the museum opening and will close at 5pm one hour before the museum closes. please plan your visit accordingly.

How most likely issued the notice

A group of French artists
A group of museum
An employee of the museum

What is not indicated about MR.Delacceaux
He is famous for painting portraits
He painted with watercolors
He traveled to many parts of the world

He was born in France
What are reservations taken for
LUnch at the museumm's caffe
A trip to France

Private tours of the museum
Tickets to see the exhibition

What is indicated about the exhibition
It will be open during special hours

It will first open on Mr.DELACEAUX's birthday

It will include sculptures fom South America
It will feature the work of several artists.