April 14

Dear Dr. Marsh

Thank you for your deposit of $ 600 You are registerded for the Autumn in Spain Trip which departs from Philadelphia and takes you to Madrid and Barcelona. Your complete itinerary and histoical guide to the region will be mailed to you in August. Please make sure we receive your final payment by July 25
Enclosed is Globalsuite Travels's Essential Checklist , which will help you in making arrangements for you trip. Using your account ID you can alsolog onto our Website, where you will find tips about packing , a chart for calculating currency exchange rates, and descrpitons of the hotels where you will be staying.

Why was the letter written?
To notifly Dr. March of a change of airport
To thank Dr.March for his final payment
To request information about currency exchange
To communicate information about travel arrangements
According to the letter,what will Dr. March receive after JUly 25