Pablo,have you finshed writing your article about the opeining of the new art museum?I'd like to make it the feature story and Monday's community news section
I've spokent to a number of local artists whose work is on display,but I still want to interview the museum director.She's been out of townshe'll be back this morning.I plan to meet with her at one,and then I should be able to finish the article by the end of the day.
Oh, that's great news. it would be difficult to find a new feature article and get it to print on time at this late date

who most liley is the man?
A politician
A designer
A journalist
An artist

What does the man plan to do this afternoon?
Conduct an interview
Attend a community meeting
Rehease a performance
Visit an art studio
What is the woman's concern?

She could have the wrong date
She might have not be able to find a location
She might have replace a new story
She may have to rearrange some travel plans