The Kaweiben Corporation awards educational scholarships to children of full-time employees who meet certain qualifications.Interested candidates must be high school graduates or must be graduating rom high school during the yaear the application is submitted. Candidates must present a copy of an acceptance letter from a university Scholarships recipients must attend university full time.

Scholarships will be paid direclty to the university on a yearly basis Any stuent who does not maintain passing grades合格点 will not be eligible to receive the scholarship in the following academic year.

Application forms can be found online at ww, with more details about the program

What is being announced?
A scholarship for students who want to work at Kawaiben Coproation
A information session about educational scholarships
A scholarships that requires students to make passing grades
Financial aid for employes who want to attend university
What is not indicated about scholarship recipients

They must be related to a Kaweiben employeee
They must graduate rom high school
They must have been accepeted to a university
They must hae demonstrated leadership in the community