I'm really looking forward to hearing Judy Smith speak at this year's educational conference.You know, she is one of the leading experts on early chilhood education .I've read a number of her books. I can't wait to attend her presentation on educational systems in differnt countries.Oh, by the way, what date do you plan to be at the conference?I'll be there the entire week.I signed up to attend a two day pre-conference workshop that Professor Smith us leading.I think it will be useful when I start teaching at the Westside School in the spring.
Oh, I didin't see that on the schedule.but I've been interested in that too.I should check to see if it's still possible to register.

What are the speakers planning to do?
Meet with clients
visit a school
Study a new culture
Attend a conference.

Who is Judy Smith?

An educational expert
A meical specialist.
A tour guide
An office manger.

What will the man do in the spring?
Lead a workshop
work at a school
Travel overseas
Write a research paper.