Susan, do you know when our performance evalutions are due? I can't find the e-mail with the instrucitons Mr. Paulson sent us for completing them.They have to be in by May 15 Mr Paulson want to be finished with the whole evaluation process for all departments before he leaves for his vacation.Oh no, I hope I can finish mine on time. I have a big project that's due by May 20 Well I can send you that e-mail again.I don't think you need to worry too much about it.Instructions are easy to follow and it shouldn't take you more than one hour or two to complete everything.

What are the speakers mainly discussing?
Advertsing strategies
Hiring plolicies
performance evaluations
Travel plan
What it the man unable to find?
A vacation brochure

What does he woman offer to do?
Write some instructions
Send some information
Extend a dealine
change some appoitmnets