Hello,Ms. Jones
My name is Thomas Sanders.and I'm calling from
the Fairview Theater.You're interested in tickets to the
new musical Then We'll Dance but all of the show were sold out
I wanted to let you know we've added the extra performance to the schedule.
Oh, that's fantastic news. I'd like to purhcase four tickets.What's the new showtime?It's an afternoon performance at 2:00 pm on Saturday.We keep the tickets for you at the ticket office and you can pick them up before the performance..

Where most likely doese the man work?
At the music store
AT the theater..

Why is the man calling?
To congratulate the contest winner.
To announce the special sale.
To report an additional show time:
To discuss a travel shcedule.

What does the man tell the woman to do?
Use a credit card for a purchase
Get information on a Web site
Bring photo identification
pick up ticket at a n office