Hello, I'm calling to purchase a flower bouquet that I'd like deliverd on Monday.I want to send you arrangement featured in your advertisement in the newspaper this morning.Oh yes.That's the arrrangement of sumer flowers.The one we're selling at the special price this week,I'll just need the recepients address so that I can calculate the devlivery costs
The flowers are going to 121 Chelsea Street.That's about 20 kilometers North of the city center.Let's see Chelsea Street.I'm afraid that's outside our usual delivery zone.so there,ll be an extra charge.

Express service is requested
A payment was late.
A location is outside a delivery area.
Some items are gift wrapped.

CHO To appear on your world now
Mi-Sun Cho, who works in our international media department , will be appearing on the nationally syndicated news program your world now this Thursday. Cho will be interviewed about her first book Through my Eyes,which chronicles her years traveling internationllly as a journalist. The book sold thousands of copies and has received many positive reviews,To watch and support one of our own, tune in

What is the purpose of the annoucement
describe a television program
To advertise a job position
To recommend a travel guide
To promote a travel service

What is inicated about Ms. Chos
She has written a book
She has been offerd a new job
She is movingg to another courty
She works in a bookstore.