Every spring for the last decade, the Aslette Bicycle Race has been held to raise money for the local Aslette Park Foundation.On Sunday , April 17 over 200 individuals participated in the event. Before the end of the race, local residents had contributed over 2000 euros,more than any previous year, and more money continues to pour in. Oliver Davis, president of the foundation, would like to thank all community members for their generous donations and support.To find out more about the Aslette Park Foundation, or to sign up to take part in other fund raising events, go

Computer workstations Dear Finn,

As you know We have eight sales department employees who ar starting on Monday ,I want to verify that the IT department is prepared to provide them with computers.

They will be in training from Monday to Thursday and then on Friday they will start answering calls in the call center.

The computers must be ready for use by Friday, so it would be a great help if you could have all of them set up by Thrusday morning.

Thank you for your assitence/ Please let me knnow if you need any additional resources to complete this task.