Did you have a chance to see the productivity report?
No I haven't heard the weather report
I guess it could be.
Yes,and it doesn't look good.

Haven't we received the architect's plan yet?
ship it today.
We definitely are.
I'll check with Mary

Let's call the stock room and ask more supplies.
That's the administrative assistant job.
Yes, several rooms are available.
The cashier doesn't have it.

The number of visitors to the Hannaford Museum of History has yet to exceed the goal set for the year.

The MNS Railroad's most picturesque passenger route runs throug the White Mountain region and the Still River Valley.

The store inadvertently 不注意に charged Ms. Han's credit card twice for the same purchase but quickly correted its error.

Due to a rise in revenue, the Easthampton town council ha decided to increase funding for comunity programs that have not tradittionally received much financial support.