Hi, I bought this sweater the other day.
But it's too small.Is it possible to exchange it for a larger size
We have larger sizes ,but I don't think we have anymore in white.

you can exchange it for another color though,
Oh, I really wanted to have it white.
Will you be getting another shippment of these sweater some time soon?Sorry , we won't be getting anymore of that style.
But let me check with our other stores across town.
It's possible they have a large one in white

Say Andrea,
Do you know where I can find some paper for the photocopier?
I need to make 10 copies of the agenda for the manager's meeting this afternoon .But the machines seems to be out of paper
There should be at least two boxes of paper in the supply cabinet next to Philip's office.If not , you could check with Philip.He's in charge of ordering supplies and he may know where there is more paper.
I'll go talk to him then.I already checked the cabinet and I didn't see any more paper.