Who'd be distibuting our products in New York?
In December.
Mr. Gonzalez.
By hand.

How do you get to corporate headquaters?
I usually go by train.
About once a month..
Yes, I do.

I usually go by train.
About once a month
Yes, I do.

Why did Monica bring refreshments today?
At a snack bar.
That's too cold.
To thank us for a* our hardwork.

Would you prefer to drive there or shall I?
I'll enter those figures
Here it is.
I don't mind driving,

Why isn't Ms.Matsui in her office?
On the left.
She's out sick
every friday.

You have a degree in chemistry, don't you?
Yes, from the state university.
Yes, I agree.
I already sent them.
Would you like me to close the window?
Ok, I'll try a new one.
No, I like a fresh air.
It closes a date.

How many resume have you received so far?
It's not far
In the newspapar
There have been several.

I'm here to pick up some theater tickets.
Your name please,
Are they heavy?
The third one.

Where did you put the kitchen equipment catalog?
In the filing cabinet.
A new stove
No, you keep it.

Is safety training required for new assembly line supervisors?
Very safe
Yes, During their first week.
A small one please.