They're looking into a store.
They're walking out of a sho-p
They're trying on some shoes.
They're washing a window.
He's holding a hat.
He's greeting someone.
He's taking a bite of food.

The man is writing in a notebook
The women are handing out papers.
The people are facing a board.
A group is entering an office.

They're displaying watches on a table.
They're spreading a cloth on a table.
A game's being played on a table.

A table's being pushed against the door Cheeze has been wrapped for a customer. Cheese has been packed into curtains.* cartons Labels are being attacched to pieces of cheese. Cheese has been cut into different sizes. Pedestrians are crossing the street. Some vehicles are stopped in traffic. Goods are being unloaded from a truck. Some people are getting off their motorbike The woman is unplugging a plants.* an appliance. Some dishes are being placed in a cabinet. The woman is emptying out the contents of the cup the kitchen plumbing is being repaired. The furniture is being rearranged. The carpet has been load up Some pillows are stacked beside the bed Bedin has been folded and placed on the matless.