Hello,my name is Evan ,and I'll be your guide for this walking tour of the town of Sandy Beach.We'll be starting at the home of Walter Clark.He founded the Clark Fishing Company back in 1876.The company started with one boat and a small crew.But overtime, Clark cut thating* keppe adding boats boats and employees,until the company had become one of the area's largest employer's.From his home ,we walk down to the water front and stop at the original boat house ,where the company's ealiest ships were stored, between fishing expeditions. As you see,the walls of the boat house,now display the hand drawn charts that Mr. Clark and his crews used to navigate the local waters.

Who is the speaker?
A ferry boat operator
A tour guide
A museum director
A fishing instructor

What is Walter Clark known for?

Writing a book abou the town.
operating a seaside cafe.
establishing a finishing company
founding the town's first bank.

What can listners see at the boat house
navigation charts
portrait of the Clark Family
historic sailing ships
A guide to local fish species