What is true about the book written by Mr. Morrison?

It is the most expensive book on the list.
It has fallen in poplurarity since last week
It first appeared on the list three weeks ago
It is written on the same topic as is Mr.Karls, book

What book sold the most copies the previous week

What is suggested about Ms. Inoue?

She is the owner of financial services company
She teaches management courses at a university
She has experience running a business
She has published several books.

Mr.Ito, This is Julio Garcia from Nordmant computer's customer service office.You called us earlier this morning about a problem you're having with your new laptop computer.You said it's overheating and the fans seems to be broken.Unfrotunately for the fan to be replaced, you'll have to send it back to our manufacturing headquaters for repair.I'll send a shipping label to your home today our address and correct amount postage have alreay been filled out

So all you have to do is put your computer back in its original package.and drop it off at the post office . please call us if you have any questions.

Where most liley does the caller work?

What problem did the listner report?
An Unexpected fee was charged.
Some packages arived late.

product is nt working corretcly
Some marchandise is out of stock.