From Nela Potter
To Marketing Staff
Please review the attached best seller list from today's Silverton Daily.
Through Mark Sipley's book is low on the list ,remember that we released it it only on January 2.There is an still an opportunity for sales to increase. How can we guarantee that this happens?

The list clearly illustrates that health and welness titiles are good sellers. Our competitors,such as Wayland and Brownback have been thriving.I attribute their success to agressive marketing tactics . Consider how Wayland has been extensively promoting Jenna Wyatt's book!

So, for our next schduled meeting, I would like each of you to present your own original ideas for generating more publicity for our current and future projects.

Nonfiction Best-selling list Week of January 8-14

Current ranking Title Ranking last week

Your Best Fitness plan by Jenna Wyatt (Wayland Books
A guide to proper excersise and fitness

Green Eats by Dr.Malcom Chen Browback Guides
A witty guide how to incorporate more vegetables in your diet.

The Pharoh's lives

Startling discoveries about the lifestyles of ancient Egyptian rulers.

Small Business Big World by Hiroko Inoue
In her first publication, founder and CEO of Starwise Clothing gives financial and management advice.

Olympian's cookbook
World gymnastics champion offers recipes to boost energy and well-being

Covers the major developments in world jazz music

A well known nutritionist shows how to lose weight throuh a sensible diet and excersise plan.

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