Opinica Mountain Preserve 
Shebrook Guebec Canada

So many things to do and see
Experience the scenic beauty and diversity of the wildlife at Opinica Mountain Preserve
Guidebooks are available at each of our visitor centers(located at north and south entrances

These guidebooks include maps of our trails with description of preserve's many attractions
including the native plant garden and wildflower meadow.野草が咲く草地 Since Opinica Mountain Preserve encompasses 52 square kilometers of terrain , the guidebook can help you determine what you should see during your stay

Reservations are required
Because Opinica Mountain Preserve attracts so much interest, admission to the park is monitored to avoid crowding , although no entrance charge is currently being charged.

Reservations can be made in advance by calling or by visiting our Website

Visitors are permitted from 6 A.M to  P.M daily. _The park is closed to the public overnight.

Hikers must remain on trails at all times.
Parking and picnicking are allowed only in designated areas.
No bicycling , camping or huting ,No boating , fishing or swimming in any of the ponds and streams.

What is subject of the notice?
All Renovations to a visitor center
Guided tour of the wildlife area
General information about a park
Atrractions of a popular campground.

According to the notice, what is included in the guidebooks?
information about walking paths
A list of camping facilities

Photographs of preserve
Descriptions of wildlife

What are visitors encouraged to do?
Swim in the local pond

Visit a garden of local plants
Reserve a place on a guided tour
Ride bicycles on a mountain trails

What is Not available to visitors?

Free admission
Picnic spaces
parking areas
overnight lodging6q