In entertaiment news,the renowned actor Gerald Lee will be here in Brackton next week.He's coming to attend the award ceremony at the 42nd annual Brockton Film Festival where he will recieve a lifetime achievement award.Mr. Lee first gained International fame in the 1970s,when he started* starred in severl popular commedies.Since then He's continued his film carreer while teaching acting courses on the side.Mr. Lee recently surprised his fans,by announcing that he will retire from acting next year.We're lucky to have such a famous figure coming to Brockton.
Who is Geraldo Lee
Why will Mr. Lee visit Brockton?
to attend a performance
To produce a film.
To recieve an award
to visit a school
What does Mr.Lee plan to do next year?
retire from his profession
Teach a university class
host a competition
go on a speaking tour