International Federation for Scientific Research

13 August
Dr. Jonas Radcliffe
SNB Laboratotories

Dear Dr.Radcliffe,

This year, the International Federation for Scientific Research
will hold its annual convention from 20 to 23 November.The conference will be held in Colombo,Sri Lanka.
and will have Chaging Migration Patterns as its theme
Our keynote speaker is Dr. Preeeti Pillai, dean学部長 of biology at Gujarat Univerisity of Science and the author of the acclaimed book Migrant Birds in Asia , In addtion, more than 100 noted speakers will be presenting their latest research fidings related to migration and ecology 生態系

Register before 21 September and recieve a 20 precent reduction on the registration fee. To register online and to look at presentation summaries ,please visit Information on hotel accomodation and transportation options is also available on the site.

The IFSR hopes you will be able to attend this important and informative convention.

Yours sincerely

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