Hello, I'd like to purchase a ticket for the 3 o'clock train to Chicago,
Unfortunaltely ,sir, that train's already full.Here is the copy of daily train schedule.
Why don't you look over and choose a later departure.
At this time of day ,trains to Chicago leave frequently.
Hmm.If I wait for the 3:40 train I'll have time to buy souveneirs
before leaving. Do you know where is the gift shop in the station?
Yes there is one just downstairs to the left.

Where is the conversation taking place.

At a traing station
At an airport
At a bus terminal
At a car rental agency

What does the womansuggest the man do
Drop off his luggage.
Call a travel agent
Look at a schedule
Wait in the lobby

Where will the man probably go next?

To a ticket counter
To a hotel
To a bank machine
To a gift shop