He's carrying a tire.
He's working on a car.車の作業をしている
He's replacing a window.
He's entering a garage

She's mixing a can of paint.
She's painting in a studio.
She's setting paint brushes on the stool. 絵筆を台に配置している 
She's hanging up the painting.

A woman is arranging documents on a desk.
A woman is leaning over a computer.
One man is pointing toward the door.
One man is writing on a notepad.

You must carry your driver's lisence and employee identification card
when you drive a company-owned car.

Businesses on Ellory Avenue closed early yesterday to allow
work crews to reparve the street.

J&R Marketing won an award for its series of radio advertiement
promoting a new line (ラインナップ)of sports equimpment.