The London Center of Comtemporary art presents

Time Travel

By Conner Goodman
1-15 May
Mr. Goodman is painter and sculptor who lives in London.

Conner Goodman's work will occupy our entire museum
with each museum hall respresenting a time period in English history
specifically focusing on the city of London.

Mr. Goodman commemorates 記念する less commonly know moments(あまり知られていない瞬間)
in London's history taken from literature and film.

Upon entering the museum,visitors experience London as it was 2000 years ago,
in the time of ancient Romans.Each succeeding 続きの gallery that vistors encounter
will portray younger versions of the city up to present-day London.

Mr.Goodmans art makes use of a range of media ,手法 including paint, video
and even recycled maerial.All pieces in this exhibition are Mr.Goodman's original creations.

Museum entrance 15 pounds per person.
Conner Goodman will discuss exhibition at Cornwall Hall on Saturday, 9 May.
at 6:00 PM. Tickets are 20 pounds and half of all proceeds will be donated
to the Historic Building Conservation Society. Please call ,, for more information

Book project
Dear Mr. Goodman
I attend a recent event where you spoke about your work,
and I later had the pleasure of visiting exhibition.

I am currently working on a novel set in London,
in the 17th century, and I am seeking an illustrator for this work.
My publisher , Marson and Co. , is prepared to offer generous compensation
and has given me the discretion 裁量権 to select a collaborator.
I feel that you would be an ideal creative partner.

Would you consider working with me on this endeavor?試み
Your agent informed me that you are currently in Paris.
I will be there myself next week.
Please feel free to contact me. if you are available to meet.

Dear Georgina.
I am intrigued by your invitation and would be more that happy to discuss the project you describe.
I am preparing  to travel to Brussels next Friday,but let me know where you will be staying and when,
and we will find the time to explore your proposal further.

 What does the notice suggest about the exhibition.

It portrays a city from a unique perspecive.
It is made entirely of recycled materials.
It includes historical artifacts.
It is inspired by a popular novel.

What is implied in the notice?
The museum exibition will open with a lecture.
Guided audio tours of the exhibition are available for an additional fee.

Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to experience it in a particular order.
Mr. Goodman is surpervising a building restoration project.

Where most likely did Ms. Finch hear Mr.Goodman speak?
At a meeting of the Historcial Building Conservation Society.
At the center of comtemporary art.
At Marson and Co. headquartes.
At an event at Cornwall Hall.

What is suggested about Mr.Goodman
He has agreed to a contract with Ms.Finch
He is returning from Brussels next week.
He is selling some of his paintings.

In what field do Ms. Finch and Mr.Goodman share some expertise?
English history
creative writing
Comtemporary art
Museum management.