Hello, Ms.Feldman.This is Geraldine Whitney the metropolitan hotel.

You asked about the art exhibitions that'll be showing while you're in the city
for your sales meeting.

I wanted  to let you know that the current comtemporary art show at the Andrew's
Museum has had great reviews.It's really very popular right now.
If you're interested,the hotel can get tickets and put them aside for you.
That way you'll have the admmission to museum without having to
wait in a long line to  pay the fee.So please let me know if you like
me to do this.And anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay in the city.

What is the purpose of the call?
Respond to an inqury
To reconfirm a reservation.
To apologize for an error
To ask about business hours

What does the speaker mention about the andrew's museum?
It is being renovated
it is located next to the hotel
The current show is very good.
Admission is free of charge

What does the speaker offer to do?
Issue a refund
Reschedule a meeting
Arrange a city tour
Purchase ticket in advance