Hi ,I'm Dr.Rajesh Sharma.Chief eye surgeon, at the new Meadowbrook Laser vision correction Center.Our center has just opened at 4 Lomberd Street,next to the Townsend supermarket.You may be asking why choose one of our doctors Because we've performed thousands of vision correction 視力矯正措置 procedures.Many more than any other surgeons in the area.if you have a vision problem, our computerised lazer surgery maybe able to help.we're offering a free consultation to our first 100 customers、so act now.come in and see us today!

What most likely is being advertised?

A vision correction center.

A computer repair shop.
A medical school
A shopping center

According to the speaker,why should listners choose this business?
It has an experienced staff.
It has reasonable rates.
It has a large selection of items.
It is open seven days a week.

What special offer is being made
an extended warrnaty
Sample marchandize
a free consultation
next day delivery