Thank you , thank you, I feel truly honored
 by this award for employee of the year here at
Flint and Gray banking.At the beginning of the year,
I was asked to develop a mobile application for our
account holders,that would track their bank activity,
and give them a summary of their spending trends over time.
After ten month of trial and error, we are now able to release
a fully fanctoning application to our users.
but I couldn't have done it without my team of programming specialists
they all did a fabulous job so for that. please join me and giving them
a warm round of applause.Come on up here , everyone.

What is the purpose of the speech
To motivate team members
to announce a retirement
To inaugrate a company 会社を設立する。
To accept an award

What most likely is the speakers job?
Technology specialsts
Bank teller 銀行の受付係
Financial analysts.
Marketing manager.

Why does the speaker say
I could
She does not have skills for a task.
She wants to thank her collegues
She's requesting additional staff
She has not worked on a team before.